Naughty 'Noor' Nice presents: MERRY XXX'MAS Show!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs cats and reindeers. It is THAT time of the year again, and THEY ARE BACK...

Naughty 'Noor' Nice proudly presents :


HOLIDAY 2013!!!


Date : Dec 18th (Wed) & 19th (Thu)

Time : 9pm-12am (2 big sets) *

Venue : Blu Jaz Cafe (3rd floor)

Tickets : S$35 (inclusive of 1st drink)

*Seating spaces are limited due to the number of chairs/tables available size of the room.
We will do our best to give you comfort, but it's really first come first serve.

Please email : to reserve your spot! In the email include (1) your name + contact (email & phone) (2) which date? (3) how many people


Naughty "Noor" Nice (NNN) is :

Joanna Dong (lyrics, vocal)
Aya Sekine (keyboards, arrangements)
Mohammed Noor (percussions, drums)

More about NNN:

Comprising core members who are otherwise very serious musicians, NNN lets itself loose (very loose, ahem) once every year for the special season that they have redefined as "XXX'mas".

In response to an over-commercialised holiday characterised by mindless music, these musicians choose to play "hardcore" jazz, with "soft core" jokes. Tearing apart and reassembling christmas jingles and Jazz/ pop standards, occasionally throwing in (very) random elements of inauthentic ethnic influences.

NNN also firmly believes that nothing is too ridiculous to try. There are hit and misses every year, but "sussequenly", each show is a larger accumulation of hits from previous years, and possible misses to be excluded from the next.

NNN considers it a minor miracle that this is the 4th consecutive year they've done this! Please come and be a part of this tradition-in-development!

NNN's guests :

Every year we invite a guest bassist to support us hanging in this crazy project - and for that, we are very happy to welcome back HIROAKI MAEKAWA on electric & upright bass (and possible Japanese jokes).

And this year, ON TOP of the core band, we have pleasure of having various extra special appearances. In tradition we used to pick on the spot, from friends who came to see us (our friends are super talented!), but since some became ritualistic, we decided to make it official to have them part of our scheme!

They are the ones who love to have too much fun and who agreed to bear with our obscenely cheeky concepts.

We have confirmed the appearances of local guitar divo SEBASTIAN HO, dynamite vocal sensation LILY ANNA NURIS, formidable little drummer boy TEO JIA RONG and we are lucky to have his hysterical humour and voice of heaven, JAMES FLYNN (19th) all the way from Australia, and last but not least, we are thrilled to have undercover divas' a capella group MELISSA, THERESA & THE FRENZY(18th)!

Furdermore and always, we will have more surprises....

More details about our guests, any changes and information will be updated in our Naughty "Noor" Nice Facebook Official Page(as well as our very serious photos and videos).

Please visit us, and 'LIKE' us! :


Are you ready?
Please make your ticket reservation to avoid disappointment!

Expect to have too much fun with us. Come join us to our inauthentic XXX'mas wonderland, it is almost here and... Santa Claus is COMING TO GET YOU.

Love & jingle all the way,

Naughty "Noor" Nice



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