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Hear those sleigh bells ring-a-jingling in the distance? Smell the (synthetic) pine and holly in the air? That’s right, Christmas is coming, and you can be sure that The Improv Company will be indulging in our fair share of candy canes and log cakes this season!
This Christmas, grab some mistletoe, pucker up and join The Improv Company as we celebrate Something to Do with Christmas! We promise you a highly entertaining, merry evening where we break down stuffy but lovable Christmas traditions and find out what really goes into a turducken, and just what dark secret the usually affable Santa Claus might have to hide!
As usual, it’s improv, so we’ll be getting suggestions from you and performing sketches of them on stage—albeit all with a jolly Christmas edge this time! So come explore the unexpected side of Christmas with us this 12 Dec (Thu), 8 pm at BluJaz, and give us the best gift of all this season—your warm spirit and participation as we collectively celebrate Something to Do with Christmas!
Event details, as follow-
The Improv Company presents Something to Do with Christmas
Date & time: 12 Dec 2013 (Thu), 8 pm
Location: BluJaz Cafe level 3, 12 Bali Lane (nearest MRT station: Bugis)
Price of admission: $10/guest, to be paid at the door
If interested, please do register your interest and reserve your seats via !



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