Fuze Collective

Fuze Collective

Hosted by: Anne Weerapass


Featuring Affendi Sahid on vox, Christine Sham on kbs, Munir Alsagoff on guitar, Robert Nalin on drums. Experiment. Creation. FUZION....
Creating musical gratification since 2006, Fuze Collective came together as an experimental initiative to discover pure chemistry between sounds and musicians of different genres. Formed by Vocalist Fendi Sahid and Guitarist Munir Alsagoff, the soulful ensemble had their first performance in June 2006 at the Esplanande’s Late Night Session with The Afro Asian Soul Sounds as theme.
Since then, Fuze Collective has done numerous collaborations with an array of musicians, artistes and even DJs; tapping into various musical territories to expand their knowledge and share their love for music with fellow enthusiasts.
Music Style...
Soul RnB covers and originals with distinctive explorations in arrangements. Fuze Collective adds flavour to the covers they do by piecing them according to their own interpretation. They allow music to steer them in the right mood and inject originality with impromptu touches during live performances.



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