Strictly no guestlist as the cover charge is at only ..." /> SOLID GOLD




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Strictly no guestlist as the cover charge is at only $10 per entry.

'Support Your DJs Whom Have Supported You!'

Bottle Promo: Moet & Chandon Champagne at $99++ per bottle

SOLID GOLD, is now a staple night with Djs Ko Flow and Ollie Des at Blujaz, every last Friday of the month.

It's about time, we thought. We should come together and promote Hip Hop music again. We wanted a night that all of you guys who came, would remember as a 'golden memory', everytime we put that needle on the record.

The combined experience of this pair, would no doubt guarantee a solid night as we proved over and over again, in the numerous venue that we had play in. So it's only right that, we have a night of our own where everybody who love us, could come together and rock to what we do best!

After the 1st successful night in June! We are back for a REWIND! Guiding you thru this HipHop musical journey will be your tour guide, Koflow and Ollie Des. The journey includes, some taste of Hiphop, Funk, Raggae, Dancehall, Boogie, and everything thats in between HipHop.Time to get down and grimey for this one!

Musical experience: HipHop, Funk, Dancehall, Trap, Disco, Reggae and anything that influence HipHop.



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