Tessera All Girl Band

Tessera All Girl Band



Tessera is Singapore’s newest and freshest all-female modern jazz ensemble. Comprising four unique and talented musicians, the band exhibits a sound that is a synergy of each band member’s musical and life journeys. The result is an approach to jazz that is refreshing and revitalising.
Brought together to perform as a band for the Singapore Wine & Jazz Festival 2010, the four experienced musicians discovered a mutual musical chemistry and spirit of adventure that energised their improvisational jams. Bolstered by a rousing reception and stamp of approval from jazz aficionados and veteran jazz musicians at the festival, the four musicians saw their success as a band as an affirmation of their shared musical destiny as Tessera.
Since then, Sharon Nunis (piano), Wendy Phua (bass), Yap Shu Mei (violin), and Audrey Tang (drums) have jammed with jazz greats such as Makoto Ozone and Christian McBride, as well as reggae rap superstar Shaggy, and Riki Hendrix, the cousin of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix.

Now, Tessera forges ahead in their progressive jazz journey with their first ever performance at Late Nite, showcasing an eclectic collaboration of their musical minds and artistic visions.



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