SPUN (Every 3rd Fri @ Blu Jaz)

SPUN (Every 3rd Fri @ Blu Jaz)



Chic grooves n high jinx from funky purveyors of fine electronica.
Grab cocktails, get messy. Go ape. The circus is back in town and there's mischief at play…
Fresh from the dojo KARATE SANDWICH are on a mission to stick a foot in your ass and all that's standing between them and the bar are Gruffle's home boys BUCKS n 44BEATZ. In a deftly hatched plan to keep the mayhem at bay our guest ringmaster for the evening is Lush FMs captain of Clubscape and Singapore's DJ Mentor X'HO.
Please note: In the interest of public safety and to ensure no partygoer misses a beat this nights performance is equipped with a percussive safety net courtesy of BOEY, his sticks and anything he can smack em with.

Roll Up - Roll Up and Thank Guffles Its Friday as his Eclectastatic Musical Circus presents SPUN. We think its the greatest show this side of Arab Street.



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