The Steve McQueens

The Steve McQueens



[The Steve McQueens] is a NeoVintage Soul band from Singapore.

The unit blends Soul, Jazz, Experimental Pop. and maybe, just maybe, a whiff of their favourite beef horfun. (local delicacy)

Debuting live at the Sultan Jazz Club in early June 2013, the group has also been invited to perform locally at BluJaz Cafe.

They are releasing their debut original album of Vol. 1 (Culmination of the Social Misfit Experiment) and Vol. 2 (Einstein Moments)

Consisting of...

Eugenia Yip (vox + cat impersonator)

Fabian (sax + oldmenjokes)

Joshua Wan (keys+ vocoder + transport)

Jase Sng (bass + eerie ninja)

Aaron James Lee (drums + pacemaker)

$15 door charge

$25 door charge with CD



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