The Pencil Heads Charity Event for The Red Cross S

The Pencil Heads Charity Event for The Red Cross S



“The Pencil Heads” are bringing our mixture of hard rock covers and original songs back to the Blu Jaz Café in Singapore on September 7th, but this time we’ll be rocking until your mankini snaps for the benefit of the Singapore Red Cross; an amazing, tireless and sadly underfunded charity. The band and the BJC will be donating the band’s fee and a % of the bar takings to the Red Cross and we have an offer from a large corporate to match what we raise. Therefore in usual Pencil Heads style we demand you drink as much as you possibly can! Fines will be randomly bestowed on sober people throughout the evening! It’s our first charity gig so it would be awesome to get a full house and make some money for those less fortunate than us. Be there - or we’ll make sure old ladies whisper and point at you in the street.



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