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Will Pan ''Unleashed'' World Tour - Live In Singap




潘玮柏的歌迷们准备好了吗?亚洲天王潘玮柏即将在七月份在新加坡举办首场个人大型售票演唱会!【释放自己】潘玮柏世界巡回演唱会将会给观众带来「高质感」、「高感官」、「高危险」、「高科技」的精湛演出。此次的巡回演唱会是潘玮柏对自己 11 年演艺成绩的总验收,完全【释放自己】的演艺能量及对表演的热情。这也是潘玮柏首次担任演唱会的制作人。从舞台设计、灯光设计、服裝造型、歌曲编排编曲等的节目內容及筹划,潘玮柏几乎是全程参与并亲自编写所有的节目企划內容!

歌迷们当然可以期待听到首首的成名歌曲, 包括「壁虎漫步」、「我的麦克风」以及潘玮柏最新专辑 “24个比利”里的「华丽进行曲」、「不想醒来」等首首动听的歌曲。舞台也将会经过特别打造、衬托出潘玮柏「酷」、「炫」、「神」、「迷」的元素,让此次巡演主題「释放自己」彻底地“释放”出来!这个七月份,一起在 The MAX Pavilion 与潘玮柏尽情地【释放自己】吧!

【释放自己】潘玮柏世界巡回演唱会-新加坡站是由 AMC Group Singapore 带给您。



Calling all Wilber Pan’s fans! This July, popular mandopop star Wilber Pan will stage his very first solo full-fledged concert here in Singapore. His “Unleashed” World Tour promises to deliver to audiences a robust performance that is “high quality”; “highly sensory”; “high-risk” and “high-tech”. The concert is an encompassment of Wilber’s achievements and results during his 11 years as a performer; it speaks of the total release of his capabilities, energy and passion for performing. This is also Wilber‘s first time taking on the role of producer for this concert tour.

Expect to be wowed by classic hits such as Gecko Stroll and Pass me the Mic as well as numbers from his latest album “The Story of Billy” including Extravagant March and Don’t Wanna Wake Up. Audiences can also look forward to be treated to a specially set-up concert stage that fully brings out Wilber’s “Cool” “Dazzling”, “Godly” and “Mesmerizing” charms, thoroughly unleashing the theme of release throughout the concert. Let go, and unleash yourselves with Wilber Pan this July at The MAX Pavilion! 

Will Pan “Unleashed” World Tour—Live in Singapore is brought to you by AMC Group Singapore.





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