White Party at The Arena to feature Pure Energy

White Party at The Arena to feature Pure Energy



Pure Energy is a dynamic, explosive and powerful international act featuring Australian singer Felix Streak, American drummer Fatboy Tony and rapper H-Roc.

On July 18, they are bringing to The Arena at Clarke Quay a spectacular event to celebrate its temporary closing for renovations – THE FIRST WHITE PARTY IN SINGAPORE! The White Party is presented by Worldwide Platinum Records, an established Malaysia-based entertainment group that gathers the best artists from all over the world under one umbrella.

Now, with only days until the big night, get to know the members of Pure Energy!

Felix Streak

Felix Streak has been captivating audiences in every club he performs in throughout the world. His ability to rap, sing, emcee and deejay always keeps him busy on stage and in clubs. Felix graduated in Music Business and Music Performance from Victoria University in Australia six years ago. Since then, he’s moved into the international circuit and performed throughout the Middle East and South-east Asia. However, performing is not his only talent – he can also produce, write and arrange music.

Fatboy Tony

Growing up in OC, California, in the United States (US), Fatboy Tony developed his musical ability spending time at local music stores where he had the opportunity to practise his drumming skills alongside other talented musicians. Tony launched himself as a professional musician when he toured the US with American Idol finalist Scott Savol. Three years ago, he ventured into Asia and played with revolutionary hip-hop music group Thaitanium. He has been a force in the international music scene since, performing at top venues across Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


H-Roc’s life as a professional rapper started at the age of 21 when he had a near-death experience, and decided to put all his efforts into making his dream a reality. He has been part of the groups The Heat and Loyalty Clicc - the tightest, most hard-hitting emcees that dominated the rap game in South-west America. With H-Roc’s remarkable skills and unchallenged fortitude to create unprecedented songs, matched with his entertaining live performances, he is steadily becoming the success he is meant to be.

The White Party is not a night to be missed. On July 18, The Arena at Clarke Quay is the place to be.

The dress code for the night is white. Entry tickets will be charged at $28/ticket for white and $35/ticket for non-white, inclusive of two free drinks. For reservations, please call +65 6338 3158, or RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/events/194609540698397/.

Twitter : @WorldwidePRSB

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/WorldWideGroup.my

Website : http://worldwidegroup.my



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