Ideas.Inc Hackathon 2013

Posted by Joakim on 1. Sep 2013

About the event:

Ideas.Inc is an organization pushing entrepreneurship in Singapore. Lately, they arranged a 26-hour hackathon to encourage young minds to make their own path.

What is a hackathon, you ask? Well, it is an event where you get a deadline, usually around one day, in which you have to either answer one problem or just throw any new ideas out. A final pitch is the judging criteria.

This time around, the hackathon was aimed at business-guys, programmers and hardware-makers. With a cash-prize of 5000 SGD to the two best teams, over 200 people gathered. The venue was Scape, close to Somerset MRT and the National Youth Council Academy.

In the beginning of the evening, some talks about "futures thinking" was held, encouraging everyone to predict possible paths that today can take. Imagine year 2020, do we still use touch phones? What have changed, depending on some circumstances? That is think into the future, using structured methods.

Throughout the event, free-flow of Red Bull, food and candy were available. Many new friendships were made, teams formed on the fly and business ideas generated.

At the end of the day, a series of pitches and demos lead to a few lucky winners.

After participating in a handful of hackathons, these are some tips for your enjoyment.

  • Come well rested
  • Drink lots of water
  • Bring toothbrush and deodorant, it freshens you up a lot after a long night
  • Do take powernaps, possibly using caffeine-bounceback (drink a coffee right before 30 minute sleep)
  • Mingle and exchange contact details with other participants
  • Have a well-balanced team
  • Night-time is hard, remember to be well-fed
  • Focus a lot on the pitch itself, it is all about selling your idea
  • A prototype is awesome, or in worst case, a mockup
  • Do not forget, if you do not win, it just means that the audience could not understand your idea. And life is much more than a simple hackathon
  • Encourage your teammates when they feel down, they will do the same for you
  • Use the hackathon as a place for exposure, show people to your personal portfolio online if they are curious about what you have done before
  • The day after, sleep long and well, you have earned it!
  • Enjoy, relax and have fun!

Want to see what it all was about? Check out Ideas.Inc

The participants and some of the organizers. Red shirt is organizers. Blue is programmers. Black is makers. Yellow is business.

Some of the participants, caught while discussing and plotting world domination.

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