Video Game Inspired Looks Pt 2

Posted by Deborah Tan on 24. Aug 2013

Aright so back then I was a cheeseburger. Now I have progressed from those fattening things to something more healthy. Lets try out a rice burger look.


Anyway I'l get straight to the point and post up the next blog instalment of pictures and if you've gone through them and think I'm a vapid vain person whose face looks like it has been run over by a lorry you are welcome to slap me later. But make sure you've gone through the blog post first.

This instalment will feature my latest obsession which is my love for "steampunking" my clothes.

If you don't know what steampunk is feel free to google it.

What you need: Lots of scarves, loose enough ponchos that can also be worn around the waist, lots of leather, lots of belts and just the right amount of irritating aura.

What do you think?



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